Chemical labels for the safe labeling of hazardous substances according to GHS regulation

Quality, reliability and service are important qualifications for producing and printing labels for the chemical industry. Producers of chemical substances can choose from a wide range of chemical labels that meet the legal requirements according to the GHS and CLP regulations.

In addition to these features, the company myLabels GmbH offers comprehensive customer service including maintenance and repair of label printers and labelling systems.


Requirements for chemical labels

All chemicals produced by a chemical company must be specially packaged and labelled. In order for the labelling to be visible to consumers and commercial buyers, the labels must stick permanently to various substrates and yet be removable after use. Chemical substances are transported and sold in packaging made of glass, metal, paper, rubber, wood or plastic. At myLabels you can obtain suitable labels for the chemical industry that adhere securely to different substrates and remain legible for a long time.


Labelling obligation according to GHS regulation

Basically, hazardous substance labels – as the name suggests – fulfil the task of indicating toxic substances and substances that are hazardous to health. These are labelled uniformly worldwide according to CLP/GHS. This is done with the help of the globally harmonised system of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) introduced by the United Nations (UN).

Since then, chemicals, acids and other chemical products must be labelled according to the CLP regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures). The requirements also include the durability and legibility of film labels and other chemical labels to ensure correct classification.

Why chemical labels from myLabels?

The ISO-certified company myLabels GmbH develops and produces the appropriate labels for labelling chemical products. In addition, the competent customer service ensures the smooth use of printers and labelling devices and offers each customer an individual maintenance concept, thus achieving a high level of process reliability.

In addition to label development and production, we offer as a commercial agency of cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, we offer thermal transfer printers and labellers. Service and maintenance of the printing systems are also in good hands with us.

Labels according GHS regulation

All labels used by sea for the labelling of drums or transport containers with dangerous goods must comply with the special regulations and requirements according to BS5609 (BS = British Standard).

The GHS regulation states that printed and affixed label materials can remain in seawater for three months without the risk of the labels peeling off from the affixed substrate or the label print becoming illegible.

myLabels GmbH offers label/ribbon combinations that comply with the GHS regulation.

Further label applications in the chemical industry

Barcode labels

Product identification

We would be happy to work out a special solution with you if you cannot identify with one of the sectors mentioned.


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