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Labeling Food Safely and Accurately

Would you like to label your products reliably, easily and precisely? Then, myLabels is the right partner for you! We are specialists for product labeling and identification in the food industry. We focus on providing the highest quality and offer one-stop professional solutions.

Food labeling is challenging. Our food labels can cope with the most difficult conditions: with cold, greasy and moist surfaces as well as with hot-filled and frozen products.

myLabels does not only offer label development and production, but also acts as commercial agency for thermal transfer printers and labelers of the company cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Service and maintenance of these printing systems are also in good hands with us.


Our Labels Feature Low-Migration

Food labels must have excellent adhesion, yet feature low-migration. This is something on which myLabels places great importance. We use pressure-sensitive adhesives that are food grade yet strong and all designed to meet your individual requirements. “Low migration” is our motto. Therefore, for the production of our labels we always use materials, pressure-sensitive adhesives, varnishes and printing inks which feature low-migration. This quality feature is particularly important in case of conventional film packaging without sufficient barrier effect.


Labels for Every Requirement and Every Material

Cardboard, paper, foil, glass, plastic, or metal—food labels have to cope with a wide range of packaging materials. Today, it is impossible to imagine the food industry without them. Labels are omnipresent in the retail sector, 95 percent of which already offers food to consumers in packaged form. Our labels are optimized for printing with thermal transfer or inkjet printers. We also offer adhesive labels for freshly packaged food, which can be subsequently marked with information on quantity, content and best-before date. myLabels is also a specialist in self-adhesive labels for the wine and beverage industry. Whether wine bottle or carton, pallet, beverage crate or six-pack: we ensure the safe flow of goods in your logistics.


Food Labels Require a Lot of Know-How

On the web, there are a lot of suppliers who produce labels for packaging. Many of these applications are relatively undemanding. However, this does not apply to food labels for which a lot of know-how and experience is required. Food law imposes special requirements on food labeling and on the materials and printing processes used. We have in-depth knowledge regarding food labels and can ensure that your labels become the calling card for the food packaging of your company.

We would be happy to present the various label materials to you during a personal consultation and explain to you for which areas of application they are best suited.


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