Plastic labels – for demanding labeling

Our plastic labels fulfill any labeling task, no matter how demanding. myLabels is a specialist for weather-resistant and high-quality labels in the B2B sector. They are suitable for numerous applications in trade, industry and commerce.


Label adhesive

without adhesive / removable / permanent / ultra permanent

Label surface

matt / semi-glossy / glossy / high-gloss

Polyethylen (PE)

  • High chemical resistance

  • Very good print layout

  • Inexpensive plastic label

Application examples: Labeling of hygiene products (squeeze bottles), cleaning products and food packaging. Use as shipping labels.

Polypropylen (PP)

  • High temperature resistance

  • Highly transparent

  • Very good print layout

Application examples: Labeling of beverage bottles, cosmetic packaging and perfume bottles. Decorative labels with a “no label look”. Cable identification marking.

Polyester (PET)

  • Very good chemical and mechanical resistance

  • Very good tear and scratch resistance

  • Very dimensionally stable

Application examples: Use for serial number and type plates. Warning labels. Labels for the automotive industry.

Polyvinylchlorid (PVC)

  • Very flexible

  • Good tear and aging resistance

  • Very good UV and weather resistance

Application examples: Labels for outdoor identification marking, e.g. solar modules or labels for the automotive industry. Barcode labels.

Plastic labels offer many advantages

Plastic labels are a good choice for many reasons. They are available with different adhesives or adhesive-free, depending on the desired use.

Plastic labels are difficult to destroy. They are also very resistant to moisture and far more durable than paper labels. Our labels based on different types of plastic also ensure durable labeling in your company. The material composition depends entirely on the desired properties of the label: heat and cold resistance, chemical and UV resistance, tear resistance, moisture resistance and mechanical strength.


Standards and certifications

In the production of our label solutions, we naturally observe all standards and legal regulations. Our products are REACH and RoHS compliant, some of them have UL certification for the safety requirements of the USA and Canada respectively. In addition, some are seawater-resistant for GHS labeling in accordance with BS 5609.

You can also rely on the food safety of our labels. We strictly adhere to all requirements of the Food & Drug Association (FDA) and the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).


Application examples for plastic labels

The possible applications of our plastic labels are as diverse as the starting materials. Identification labels made of PE or PP are very suitable for storing shipping goods for example pallets outdoors for a short time. They are also popular in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or in the cosmetics industry for product decoration in the so-called no-label look. Plastic labels make creams, shampoos and other cosmetic products real eye-catchers on retail shelves.

Plastic labels are particularly popular for high-priced, exclusive products. They often appear more valuable than paper labels and are also significantly more resistant and robust.


Plastic labels are also used in the technical sector, such as in the metal, electrical and automotive industries, because they cope very well with difficult conditions, such as contact with oil, gasoline and diesel or mechanical loads.

Other possible uses include printed circuit board marking, warranty seals and safety labels.

No-label-look appearance


Type plates


Safety labels


We would be happy to present the various label materials to you during a personal consultation and explain which applications they are best suited for.


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