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Textile Marking

According to the Textile Labeling Act, textile products containing at least 80% by weight of textile raw materials must be labeled.
In order to comply with this obligation, labels are attached to textile products which contain all necessary information regarding the material used and the place of manufacture.

myLabels offers companies the right solution, depending on the area of application. For marking from clothing till parachutes, our labels are successfully used.

With us, you can opt for printing labels yourself or for using our service and letting us accomplish the work for you.

Textile Label Requirements

The right label depends on various properties:

  • Material characteristics

  • Printability

  • Washability

PA Taffeta, PET Taffeta and PET Satin, our three standard materials, cover the most popular fields. For all other cases, we will determine the right material for you.

Benefit from our experience and allow us to advise you. Or request free material samples to assure yourself that the quality of our materials meets your expectations.

Overview of fabric types

PA Textile Labels made of Taffeta

  • white, matt
  • washable to 60°C (household laundry)
  • very inexpensive material
  • coated on both sides / thermal transfer printing on both sides possible
  • non-fraying material
  • Oeko-Tex, class 1
  • can be cut with a standard cutter
  • versatile, mainly used for inexpensive garment labels

PET Textile Labels made of Taffeta

  • white, matt
  • washable to 85°C (household laundry)
  • material thickness thicker than PA Taffeta
  • coated on both sides / thermal tranfer printing on both sides, flexo printing or heat-sealing foil printing possible
  • non-fraying material
  • Oeko-Tex, class 1
  • can be cut with a standard cutter
  • versatile, mainly used for garment labels, e.g. for hotel linen, which has to be washed at higher temperatures

PET Textile Labels made of Satin

  • white, glossy
  • washable to 60°C
  • high-density polyester satin fabric
  • transparent coating on one side and super calendered / thermal transfer printing, screen printing or flexo-printing on one side possible
  • if sewn in bows (so as not to fray), the material does not need to be cut hot
  • Oeko-Tex, class 1
  • can be cut with a standard cutter
  • for visually appealing and sophisticated applications (e.g. high-quality clothing and bedding)

Ink Ribbons for Textile Labels: Color for your Labels

E642 black (Oeko-Tex, class 1)

For all applications in terms of washability (to 85°C for all textile materials offered by myLabels)

We would be happy to present the various label materials to you during a personal consultation and explain to you for which areas of application they are best suited.


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