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Thermal Transfer Foil for High-Quality Labels

The thermal transfer foils from myLabels GmbH are characterized by high quality, good scratch resistance and long durability.

What is thermal transfer foil?

Thermal transfer foil is also known as ribbon or ink ribbon. It is a film consisting of three layers, with a polyester film as middle layer. One side is coated with an ink layer of wax, wax-resin or resin. The other side of the thermal transfer ribbon is coated with silicone which offers protection against wear and static charging. The label printer’s print head generates a temperature of at least 60°C. The heat transfers the ink layer to the label. Readability and durability of the print depend on the selected quality of the thermal transfer foil.


What Ribbon Qualities are Available for Thermal Transfer Foils?

myLabels offers thermal transfer ribbons of different qualities:


Wax coated ribbons are suitable for paper and cardboard and are used as shipping labels and also as identification labels.

Examples of use: Shipping labels, goods identification labels, price marking labels

Resin / Wax

This coating is suitable for labels with smooth surfaces made of paper or plastic. It offers lower abrasion and better scratch resistance than wax coated ribbons.

Examples of use: Packaging labels, warning labels


Resin-coated ribbons feature a particularly high scratch resistance and very low abrasion. Therefore, the premium ribbon can be used to print labels made of plastic that are resistant to temperature and solvents.

Examples of use: Serial number and type plates, logos, labeling in the automotive sector, lifetime marking

Special foils

myLabels also offers gold and silver foils, which are suitable for hot embossing imitations.

Examples of use: Hot embossing imitation, decorative labels

Application Areas of Thermal Transfer Foils

The ribbon is used to print on a wide variety of label materials using the thermal transfer process. Printing is performed by transferring the ink from the transfer ribbon. Depending on the quality used, the resulting print image as well as the scratch resistance and durability differ.

Why Choose Thermal Transfer Foils from myLabels?

The company myLabels is ISO certified and, in addition to selling thermal transfer ribbons, it also develops, produces and distributes labels.

Moreover, myLabels acts as commercial agency of the company cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG offering their label printers and labeling systems. Maintenance and repair are also part of the offering, so that customers can benefit from complete care provided from one source.

We would be happy to present the various label materials to you during a personal consultation and explain to you for which areas of application they are best suited.


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