Your partner for labels in the electronics industry

myLabels is your partner regarding labels for the electronics industry. Our product range, which has been specially compiled for this branch of industry, can cope with the most difficult surfaces and offers ideal solutions for electrical identification marking. We are specialists in high-quality PCB, identification and cable labels. Renowned companies such as Continental, Eberspächer and Siemens rely on our many years of experience and our ISO certification.

In addition to label development and production, we offer as a commercial agency of the company cab Produkttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, we offer thermal transfer printers and labelers. Service and maintenance of the printing systems are also in good hands with us.

For the permanent and secure marking of components

Printed circuit boards, circuit boards and small electronic parts place high demands on labeling. Our labels meet these requirements due to their high heat resistance, their ability to adhere well even to difficult substrates, and their good printability. The systems we have developed for marking in the electronics industry allow reliable product identification throughout the entire product life cycle.

We also take into account the trend for electronic devices and components to become ever more compact and smaller. Our labels are designed in such a way that all important information such as IDs and barcodes can be printed even on smaller dimensions.

As a specialist for the electronics industry, we use only those materials in the production of our labels that are precisely tailored to the needs of this industry. Above all, heat resistance is an important criterion. The material of conventional labels often cannot cope when electronic components generate heat. They become porous under continuous heat and the adhesive loses its function. Our heat-resistant labels for the electronics industry pass these requirements.

Our labels also withstand direct contact with cleaning fluids and are highly resistant to chemical reactions. This resistance is also shown against the mechanical and chemical wear during cleaning of equipment and components of the electronics industry.

Our labelings are standard compliant

During the production of our labels, we naturally pay careful attention to compliance with legal regulations. Our labels comply with all regulations and standards of the electronics industry such as UL, RoHS and REACH.

The right solution for many areas of application

The applications of our labels for electronic components and devices are diverse. They are adapted to the requirements of capacitors, printed circuit boards, resistors and inductors. Other applications include diodes, microprocessors, transistors, batteries and microcontrollers. Our labeling is also the right solution for tubes, wires, motors, relays, switches, generators and transformers.

Cable identification marking

We would be happy to work out a special solution with you if you cannot identify with one of the industries mentioned.


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