Adhesive-free identification marking

Loop labels consist of plastic strips with a punched hole and tapers in the middle. This shape allows a loop to be formed and the label can be attached without glue.

Various plastics are used in the production of loop labels. The most important properties include high weather resistance, as well as very good scratch, smudge and tear resistance. If the application requires it, we also supply the loop labels with food approval.

The areas of application of loop labels are manifold:

  • Marking of cables in the electronics industry
  • Marking of foodstuffs e.g. as box tags in butcher shops
  • Marking of plants e.g. as tree tags in nurseries

Application examples for loop labels

Product identification marking


Product identification marking

Horticulture and landscaping

We would be happy to present the various label materials to you during a personal consultation and explain which applications they are best suited for.


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